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PART TIME Medical Records Clerk

This position provides support in handling, scanning, indexing and releasing medical records as required on a daily basis. In addition to document management this position provides coverage on the switchboard and mail courier services. __________________________________________________________________
PREFERRED Qualifications:
1. Formal training equivalent to a high school diploma.
2. One - two years experience with business related computer applications to include Word, Excel, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.
3. Past knowledge of eMR and familiarity of eMR filing schematic.
4. Knowledge of federal and state regulations on Release of Information.
5. Ability to deal effectively with the public.
6. Excellent telephone and communication skills.
7. Attention to detail and accuracy.
8. Ability to effectively work in situations of high to moderate stress and meet routine requirements of service standards on a daily basis.
9. Keyboarding experience and ability to type 60 wpm.
10. Ability to work on multiple task simultaneously changing from one task to the next with no decrease in productivity.
1. Customer service driven
2. Strong interpersonal skills
3. Integrity/Honesty
4. Mature
5. Ability to establish credibility
6. Resourceful and well organized
7. Independence
8. Moral fulfillment
9. Flexibility
1. Maintain confidentiality of private health information
a. Keep patient information private and secure.
b. Screen callers prior to disclosing private health information.
c. Verify signatures prior to disclosing private health information.
d. Verify accuracy of outgoing fax numbers prior to releasing private health information.
2. Prep, Scan and index documents electronically meeting required hourly quotas
a. Prep day forward documents making sure no staples or paper clips have been left in the batches to scan.
b. Count pages prior to scanning and confirm numbers to total scanned.
c. Indexing documents from batches according to filing schematic. Multiple documents on any single MRN should be indexed at 350 documents per hour. Documents for multiple MRN's should be indexed at 250 documents per hour.
d. Fax Sign documents should be tasked to the Provider within 24 business hours from receipt.
e. Fax file documents should be filed in the medical record within 24 - 48 business hours from receipt.
f. All scanned documents should be filed in the medical record within 48 business hours from receipt.
g. All First Health FTP digital documents should be filed in the medical record within 48 business hours from receipt.
h. Electronic referral process - any tasked received prior to 4PM should be tasked to the referring providers task team same day.
3. Release of Information
a. Urgent request - patient or emergencies should be handled same day. Routine, prebills and all other request should be handled within 3 - 5 business days.
b. Authorization should be verified prior to releasing private health information.
c. Federal and State guidelines should be followed prior to releasing any information.
d. Collect money from walk in request.
e. Prebill any request not paid in advance.
f. Answer incoming calls from patients inquiring about obtaining medical records
g. Follow up with any correspondence vial email or regular mail regarding medical records request.
4. Switchboard
a. All incoming calls should be answered within three rings.
b. All calls should be answered professionally and courteously routing to the correct person initially.
c. Assist in emergency situations as needed by contacting authorities and using paging system.
d. Process any outside correspondence.
e. Deposit any available monies retrieved for Release of Information.
5. Mail Courier Services
a. Provide courier services internally daily at 1PM and 4PM.
b. Provide courier services externally daily at 1PM and 4PM delivering to Pinehurst Radiology, FHMRH, PMC and Specialty Clinic.
c. Pick up mail at 8AM daily Pinehurst Post Office
d. Sort and distribute mail to designated mailboxes by noon daily.
e. Deliver outgoing mail to Post Office by 3:30PM daily.
f. Deliver back up tapes to specified vault from computer system as required by IT Manager. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist