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This is the general application to apply for a Sandhills Community College student work-study position.
To be eligible for the Work-Study Program, you must:
Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
Be enrolled in an eligible program.
Be enrolled in at least 6-credit hours per semester.
Complete the current year FAFSA application.
Demonstrate financial need.
Meet eligibility requirements.
A resume is required for the work-study application. If you do not have a resume, please visit our Career Development Services Department in Blue Hall 102, or call (910) 695-3735.
We have many different work-study positions that may become available throughout the school year. To view a complete listing of the job descriptions that may be available please visit, Once you have submitted your application, the Work-Study Coordinator will review it to make sure you meet all eligibility requirements.
If you are awarded a work-study position, typically, you are awarded a contract for the fall & spring semesters of the current school year. If funding is available, this position may be available for a summer contract. If you are hired, a contract listing your exact dates of employment and terms will be created for the position.
At the end of each semester, your supervisor will perform an evaluation of your job performance. If at that time your supervisor deems your work is not meeting department or college standards, disciplinary action can be taken, or in some cases termination of the position.
The rate of pay for most positions is $8.00 per hour; however, community service positions are paid at the rate of $8.50 per hour.
For questions, please contact Jonathan Garrison, Work-Study Coordinator at (910)695-3726.
Sandhills Community College is convinced that being around people who are different makes us more creative, more diligent, and harder working. We are committed to a campus that supports diversity in both learning and working environments, and in our outreach to our community. We are also committed to working with Veterans of our armed forces to honor their commitment to our country and learn from their experiences. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist